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Remote Management Services

NonstopRSM Odyssey Information Services Exclusive Service Solution

Remote Management Services for the HP NonStop Server High Availability Platform.

Remote System Management
Remote Operations Management
Remote Application Management
Remote Database Management
Remote Security Management

NonstopRSM brings World Class best of breed remote services for the HP NonStop Server to market place. The RSM services are provided by a network of world class System, Operation, Application, Database, and Security managers who as a group manage multiple customers. Because we use a network of highly skilled Nonstop Server specialist the complete range of management skills are available to all customers. It's a safe, secure method that you can rely upon for proper management of your NonStop Server and applications. Using best practices, tools and NonStop Server expertise, our Specialists are able to professionally and remotely manage your system which equates to managing availability.

Remote management services provide several financial and strategic benefits, including:

Faster ROI. Rapid implementation of remote management services lets customers quickly recoup IT investment costs by speeding time-to-solution.
Lower TCO. Remote management services reduce overall IT costs through risk reduction and predictable pricing.
Decreased System Downtime. Standards-based problem-resolution methodology ensures that issues are handled within the bounds of our industry-leading service-level agreements.
• Improved Performance. Detailed reporting enables early identification of potential problems, ensuring the best possible use of resources.
Effective Personnel Deployment. Remote management frees your technical personnel to focus on key strategic projects instead of routine system administration.

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