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Remote Management for Nonstop Server Systems


Remote Management Services offers an alternative to the spiraling time and labor costs of enterprise IT administration. These comprehensive monitoring, response, and reporting services can be available 24x7x365 to provide:

A solution to the ongoing investment in monitoring and management tools and the associated training and operation costs

• An alternative to building and staffing an internal network-monitoring and call center

• A proven means of reducing IT administration costs by as much as eight to ten percent

Remote Management Services enable enterprises to focus their efforts on core
business functions, instead of IT administration.

Remote System Management Services should be based upon Support Hours needed and number of NonStop Servers to be supported. NonstopRSM can provide Remote System Management at any level required by the customer.

The Customer will need to provide secure rnet IP based access "VPN" to their facility allowing access the Production/Development/Test systems to enable Remote Management Monitoring and System Management Connectivity.


Remote System Management includes:

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